An equity centric multi-asset fund for long-term capital growth

The fund is aimed at long-term capital growth that comfortably beats inflation. The fund invests in a combination of equities, money market instruments, bonds, listed property, as well as international equities and fixed interest investments. We employ an active asset allocation and securities selection strategy with a focus on achieving inflation beating returns. The fund holds a maximum of 75% in equities (including offshore equities).

Why choose this fund?

  • The fund is managed in accordance with Regulation 28 making it ideal for inclusion in a retirement fund.
  • The fund has a high equity content enabling investors to capture the risk premium inherent in equities.
  • The fund is appropriate to longer investment horizons given that the fund could exhibit capital losses over the short term due to the high equity content.
  • The fund has the ability to switch asset allocation to less risky assets in the income-generating space.
  • By investing in a single fund that diversifies across all major asset classes, investors outsource the difficult decision on how much and when to invest in various asset classes.
  • The investment objective of this fund is CPI + 5% annualised net return measured over rolling 3-year periods

* Sanlam Collective Investments