The Matrix Fixed Income Fund aims to deliver net returns that exceed cash equivalent returns by at least 8% per annum over any three-year investment cycle. The Fund Managers seek to achieve this objective by identifying opportunities in the South African Fixed Income and Fixed Income Derivative markets.

The investment philosophy of the Fund is built on the belief that short-term market equilibrium is often disrupted by the conflicting forces of fundamental macro factors, first principals, supply and demand dynamics, and behavioural responses. The Fund Managers therefore follow a probabilistic approach that concentrates portfolio positioning where asymmetry associated with such equilibrium disruptions is most apparent.

Fund Profile

Investment Objective To achieve net annualised returns of cash + 8% over rolling 3 year periods.
Investor Profile The Fund is only appropriate for investors who understand the risks and exposure associated to investing in a hedge fund. The Fund is appropriate for investors requiring long term capital growth over a 3 year horizon, with low volatility and minimal correlation to either bond and equity markets.
Fund Characteristics The Fund is a collective investment scheme in hedge funds. The Investment Manager seeks to achieve the objective by identifying opportunities in the South African fixed income and related derivative markets. The strategies within the Fund invest independently, with no house view approach. Strategy allocation is the responsibility of the investment committee. The Fund pursues opportunistic, directional, relative value and correlation strategies.
Risk Profile HIGH
Minimum Investment R50 000
Benchmark CASH
Annual Management Fee (Class B1) 1.2% pa excl VAT
Performance fee 20% of performance excl VAT , performance fees are levied on all performance subject to the investor receiving the benchmark return over a rolling 12 month period.
FUND PERFORMANCE All statistics are annualised and quoted for periods ended 31 July 2018
Inception date 2008/10/01
Since Inception 15,91%
Last 5 years 10,42%
Last 3 years 8,87%
Last 1 year 4,84%
Volatility 11,60%