A general equity fund for the long-term investor

The fund aims to deliver strong capital growth over the long term. The fund has a broad mandate to invest in shares listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and will remain fully invested at all times. The portfolio is constructed based on fundamental research and generates alpha through taking active stock and sector risk relative to the benchmark, while liquidity risk is strictly controlled.

This fund is suitable for investors seeking equity exposure to provide capital growth over the long-term. Investors should expect returns to be volatile, particularly over shorter time periods. It is therefore suitable for investors with a time horizon of at least five years. This fund can be used as an equity building block in a diversified portfolio.

Matrix Fund Managers managed a segregated portfolio from January 2015, which converted into a CIS fund in December 2015.

Why choose this fund?

  • The fund is focused on long-term capital growth rather than income-generation.
  • The fund is appropriate for a long-term investment horizon and a high tolerance for volatility and potential capital loss in the short term.
  • To benefit from the full investment cycle the investment horizon should be at least 5 years.
  • The fund serves as an equity building block as part of a diversified portfolio.
  • The investment objective of this fund is Capped Swix + 1%

* Sanlam Collective Investments